Sarah Harris


Hello there! I am Sarah Harris and I am a Seattle-based photographer specializing in weddings and portraits. I absolutely love what I do and my favorite part about my job is each and every connection I have made along the way.  As a wedding photographer, I want my couples to truly soak in every moment. When I ask you to look at each other, I want you to gaze so deeply into each others eyes, feel those emotions, and be able to remember that exact moment for the rest of your lives. This is your one-of-a-kind story, and I want to capture it in the way that it deserves with images that truly tug at the heartstrings every time you look at them. 


I am the photographer for the couple who loves timeless, authentic and romantic images. I am inspired by epic landscapes, incredible light and indescribable love. I take a editorial, yet artful approach to photographing weddings; curating each thoughtful detail and documenting the beautiful emotions of the day, while letting the day unfold naturally. In order to achieve this goal, I utilize natural light, textures and varied tones to capture the beauty that is in front of me and retell its story with my camera. My photographs have a film-like aesthetic that draws upon the moment and its striking beauty. 






Meet The Photographer


I am easy-going and fun-loving with a heart filled with wanderlust, but likely the most persistent person you will ever meet when it comes to chasing my dreams. My love for photography began 8 years ago when I picked up my first camera and my passion for capturing the world as I see it through my lens and telling unique stories continues to grow. Photography encapsulates time in a way nothing else can. Having always been the DIY'er of the family,  I love that my career allows me to continue to grow in creativity daily. When I am not photographing beautiful couples, you can find me exploring the PNW, traveling the world, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, and playing with my two dogs, Sam and Penny. 


A few of my favorite things:

Succulents, brunch, a good Old Fashioned, traveling, Anthropologie Volcano candles, sushi, hiking, yoga, and Genmaicha tea.




Let's grab a coffee soon and get to know each other!