The Martin Family | Georgia Family Photographer

Woodstock, Georgia

    I love family lifestyle sessions! There is just something about capturing a family in the moment, raw and unstaged. What makes this family session even better is that The Martins are really good friends of ours. We planned a trip out to visit them in Georgia recently, and I  jumped at the chance to do a session with them when Jessica asked. I can't even begin tell you just how much we adore this family, and there really are no words that could come close to conveying just how special they are to us. 

This family did not need any help showing their love for each other during this session. Nearly five years of marriage will do that to you when you've become so in tune with your partner. Even with me awkwardly following them around with my camera, they just beamed with such a deep love. 

This is hands down one of my favorite family sessions to date!