What We Had to Say about Each Other in Honor of Our Fourth Wedding Anniversary


Today is our fourth wedding anniversary! As I type that, I realize we have been together for a decade. A DECADE. How did that time go by so quickly?! We were talking the other night about how completely different our life together is from year three to year four, and in those four years how much we've changed both together and personally, as well as how much we have done together and separately. The lists are long. We've made so many amazing memories together, and we've been through some extremely tough times together, but we've always come out stronger together because of all of them. I was trying to think of a way to celebrate on the blog and also share some of the portraits from our wonderful session in Galway with the amazing Claire Brown, so I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A with each other.  Here's is what we have to say about each other after four years of marriage!


What is one quality in Mike/Sarah that you discovered during marriage and love about each other?

MIKE: I really got to see firsthand and grow to love her tenacity and drive in pursuing the things she is passionate about and believes in.  It's really inspiring to watch her continue to strive for and achieve her goals.

SARAH: There is no one on the planet who will work harder to make the people he loves know they are loved than Mike. If I asked for the moon, he would find a way to get it for me. 


What is one skill Mike/Sarah has that you don’t excel in?

MIKE: Sarah is able to approach things in a very calm, controlled manner when things start to hit the fan.  When things venture into crisis mode I do my best, but can't master that skill like she has.

SARAH: Mike is extremely organized. I try my best, go through those phases of tidying up, but I am just not an organized human being. It's actually kind of embarrassing! Thankfully, Mike balances me out so well and puts up with my little messes. 



What is your biggest pet peeve about Mike/Sarah?

MIKE: She knows exactly how to push my buttons! 

SARAH: The way Mike eats ice cream or pudding! He eats it like it is the last bowl of it he will eat in his lifetime... SOOOOOOOOO SLOWLY! 



What does Mike/Sarah do that makes you feel better after a bad day?

MIKE: Sarah can always come up with a positive takeaway from whatever may have happened during my day to bring me down.

SARAH: Mike always gives me a hug, says he is sorry I had a bad day, offers a little insight/advice on whatever it is that caused the bad day, and helps me relax by giving me a foot massage. 


What was your first thought when you met Mike/Sarah? 

MIKE: This girl is something special!

SARAH: This guy has the cutest smile and happiest blue eyes! 



What is one of your funniest travel moments together?

MIKE: My embarrassingly loud sneeze in Zermatt, hands down.  We were enjoying some gelato on a bench in town, and I just couldn't hold it in.  Those poor people around us didn't know what hit them!

SARAH: Mike's insane sneeze while we were in Zermatt! I mean it sounded like a donkey! I still laugh about it whenever I think about it. The look on people's faces passing by was the icing on the cake! I laughed so hard I cried. 


What is one of your favorite  travel moments together?

MIKE: There are a lot to choose from, but one of my favorites was when we first hiked the alps in Switzerland.  It was a perfect day, the scenery was unbeatable, and I had the best company possible!

SARAH: The moment we walked through the gates at Machu Picchu and the sun crested over Huayna Picchu. I will never forget that moment or how incredible it felt to be sharing that moment with my person. 


What does Mike/Sarah’s dream day look like?

MIKE: Put simply, it would be an adventure.  It would most certainly be waking up in a foreign city, start with coffee, include a mountain, maybe a body of water, a gorgeous sunset, and some delicious food along the way.

SARAH: Mike's dream day would be at home. Waking up to a pancake breakfast and sipping coffee slowly while enjoying the company of our sweet dogs. He'd love nothing more than an agenda of listening to Brass Against or Rage Against the Machine, and I'd be super interested in discussing world politics and football stats with him. At some point, we would walk the dogs together and sit outside on our patio reading books. Dinner would be fried rice of course. We'd cap the day off  with a DQ blizzard.